Need Quick Cash for the Holiday breaks? Here Are the Best Things to Pawn

With the holiday breaks right around the corner, you’re strapped for money. Everybody in your family has been boasting about all the things they want under the tree.

Unfortunately, you do not know how you can make that occur. The bank won’t approve you for a loan and your credit won’t get you anything either.

Rather than selling your soul trying to get some additional money, turn to pawn shops instead. There is no credit check and it is a chance for you to clean out all that clutter in the attic.

The typical national amount most pawn shops lend is around $150 but depending on the item, you can get much more.

To see how much money you can get, here are the best things to pawn. Take a look!

Precious Metals

Pawn shops are usually advertising that you can sell your gold jewelry for a good wad of money. It might seem like a scam but it is actually the truth.

Gold price varies on a daily basis, but do not let that deter you. it is a metal that will usually be in demand and pawn shops can make a nice profit from gold chains you no longer need. That mean they’ll be willing to offer you a nice price for them.

Other precious metals include platinum, silver, and palladium to name a few.

Power Tools

Own more tools than you know what to do with? Pawn them!

You’d be amazed how many people go to a pawn shop looking for power tools. Especially ones that do not come within a set.

Shop owners understand that plenty of construction workers walk through their doors looking for adding to their tool collection.

Video Game Consoles and Games

That Xbox collecting dust in the basement can make you at least three digits. Be sure it is functional and cleaned properly in order to get the highest amount possible.

Selling games you won’t replay can also be used to gain to some quick money but know that you’ll have to sell more titles if you want to get at least $100. Popular games like Madden, Grand Theft Auto, and Call of Duty can get you a good amount.


One caution when selling electronics: they should be somewhat new if you want a good sized loan. No one at the pawn shop is looking buy or sell to their customers a TV that’s from twenty years ago.

Technology has changed so do not expect to get a whole lot for electronics that have been sitting dormant in your home. Pawn shops want to invest in items that are relevant and in demand.

Lightweight laptops, iPads, and smart TVs are what people are looking for, especially around the holiday breaks. If you have these to pawn, expect a higher amount to be offered to you.


Smartphones have become like water, a necessity of life. Nowadays, young and old people can be seen with a smartphone.

That said, they’re in high demand when it comes to pawn shops. Older versions of iPhones, Galaxy’s, and LG’s can have you seeing between $100 to $400. The newer the model, the more you’ll get so keep that in mind.

The Best Things to Pawn Answered

do not let the pressure of the holiday breaks get you down. When you need to make some quick money, keep these best things to pawn in mind. You’ll have additional green while Everybody gets what they want on their list!